Dog Dancing

Dog Dancing Private Lessons

Dog Dancing

Private Lessons

Having fun with my dog through the teaching of tricks.
Exercise, spiritual training and building a bond beteween the owner and the dog.
It is a way to help our dog to decompress in a qualitative manner in 10 minutes even inside our flat.

Dog dancing is fun and useful for all dogs independently of size or breed.

The freestyle dog dancing sport is based on the dog’s agility and is appropriate for all dogs at an entertaining level.
Depending on the level of difficulty, the dog, in cooperation with the handler, has to perform a number of exercises- tricks and obedience, aiming at telling a story with the help of a music soundtrack.
It could be a purely musical show or not.

It manifests the harmony of the dog-owner cooperation and the willingness of the dog to participate, resulting in an impeccable performance.
All dog breeds and half-breeds have instincts that we are called to handle properly in order to help the dog exercise and decompress. Instincts like herding, guarding and others, which, if not handled properly, will result to having an unhappy dog.

Dog sports are essential for the stress-relief and psychological well being of the dog as they provide us the way to harness their instincts.
It is the means to train the mind and the body of the animal building an essential quality relationship with the owner.

A Relationship based on trust and cooperation.. Dog Dancing

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