Myrto Koutoulia

Myrto Koutoulia professional dog trainer

Myrto Koutoulia

My name is Myrto Koutoulia and I have been a professional dog trainer for more than 10 years, having my own indoor training school premises in the centre of Athens.

The dog, as a family member, requires care and devotion as it has a distinct personality. Under my guidance you will learn to understand its behavior and communicate with your beloved friend, resulting in a harmonious living together.

My aim is to train the dog in cooperation with the owner.
I train the dog but above all, the owner is also taught about his/her dog’s psychology.

I am particularly involved with resolving and handling problematic dog behaviour issues such as insecurity and aggression and I quite often make use of the dog sport and dog dancing methodology in combination with basic obedience to achieve better results.

I am also involved in the IGP dog sports and dog dancing.
I have three dogs of my own.
A poodle, with which we have successfully passed the BH/VT working examinations. This was the first dog I started the sport of dog dancing with.
My border collie and I are active athletes in the freestyle dancing dog sport having earned first place in the Open Italian Championship in freestyle 1.
My German Shepherd dog and I have successfully passed the BH/VT working examinations and we are training for the IGP dog sport.
I also specialize in training dogs for film productions according to the script requirements.
I have worked for more than 300 films in Greece and abroad.

Samples of my work can be found in my YouTube channel myrto dog training.

I am an active member of KOE (Greek Canine Association), active member of DDI (Dog Dancing International) active member of the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers (ΠΑΣΕΚΣ).
Ι have served as a secretary general in the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers and as a committee member of the Urban Fauna Department of the Municipality of Athens.

I have been a columnist in newspapers and magazines, and I have also been a member of the judging committee of Pet Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Member of the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers (ΠΑ.Σ.ΕΚ.Σ.)

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