Dog Training

Through the training procedure we get to know our dog, its needs and also how to guide him better in order to live in harmony together.
During the training procedure the dog should be happy and enjoy the process, while the owner gets the chance to come closer to it and communication between them is facilitated....

...Dog Training

Having fun with my dog through the teaching of tricks.
Exercise, spiritual training and building a bond beteween the owner and the dog.
It is a way to help our dog to decompress in a qualitative manner in 10 minutes even inside our flat....

...Dog Dancing

I can find the right dog to cover the needs of a film production and prepare/train it according to the script.
Ι have a long experience in shootings both in Greece and abroad, and I have trained dogs for more than 300 film productions.
Samples of my work can be found in the...

...Dog Casting

Images from dog and puppy training, Competitions, Dog Dancing, film productions, etc. ...


Indoor training school, situated in the centre of Athens. It is specially designed to be welcoming to both the dogs and their owners...

...My Premises

My name is Myrto Koutoulia and I have been a professional dog trainer for more than 10 years, having my own indoor training school premises in the centre of Athens.
The dog, as a family member, requires care and devotion as it has a distinct personality. Under my guidance you will learn to understand its behavior and communicate with your beloved friend, resulting in a harmonious living together...

...Myrto Koutoulia

There is a pet shop in my school premises aiming to cover every need of your cat or dog. Selected products: nutrition education games clothes guides collars etc. ...

...Pet Shop

Member of the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers (ΠΑ.Σ.ΕΚ.Σ.)

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