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Basic Obedience  - Private & group lessons

Basic Obedience

Private & group lessons

Basic Obedience is the means towards the right communication with the dog through the basic commands. Basic obedience concerns both small and big–sized dogs independently of their breed. Every dog has a distinct personality this is why we adapt the training program to its particular needs.

Through the training procedure we get to know our dog, its needs and also how to guide him better in order to live in harmony together.

During the training procedure the dog should be happy and enjoy the process, while the owner gets the chance to come closer to it and communication between them is facilitated.

Through the training procedure, the dog develops the right social behavior. When necessary, the lessons could be held privately in the dog’s home, the place he moves and lives, always with the owner’s participation. The basic obedience program includes private and group lessons, games and pressure-relief activities appropriate for each dog. At the same time the owner learns to cooperate and coexist with his/her pet and the pet learns to coexist with its owner whether the living conditions are simple or demanding.. A happy dog and a happy owner are sides of the same coin.

Dogs who have completed the basic obedience program, get the chance to participate in group lessons of basic and advanced obedience which are organized in regular intervals. In these lessons the dogs socialize, participate in activities and games and build an even stronger bond with their owner.

Problematic Behavior Correction

Problematic Behavior Correction

There is a proper way to correct or handle a bad dog’s behavior or a phobia.

Contact me for every concern you may have about your dog’s behavior.

I am particularly involved in dealing with problematic behavior such as insecurities and aggression and I quite often use a dog sport or dog dancing methodology combined with basic obedience to achieve better results.

Puppy pre-training

Puppy pre-training

Training begins from the moment we bring the dog home. This is when we begin to train our dog to socialize and behave well.

We make sure we reinforce the right behavior from day one. We learn how to play with it and help it develop its personality.

We form its social behavior and communication pattern.

Pre-training lessons are equally important with basic obedience lessons as they set the foundation for the future.

Supportive Consultancy

Supportive Consultancy

Getting a dog is an important decision and in order to be a responsible one too, we need to know which dog is appropriate for our companion. This applies also in the case of adopting a half-breed dog.

Every dog is special.

In order for the dog to be happy, it needs to be with the right owner.

Contact me before you get your dog in order to guide you towards the right choice and resolve all the possible queries you may have concerning your beloved dog. A happy owner has a happy dog.

Member of the Panhellenic Association of Dog Trainers (ΠΑ.Σ.ΕΚ.Σ.)

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